Eye-catching, pink neon title that says "Artist Statement"

I believe that color can transform our mental state, so as an artist, I’m always working to inspire positive emotions in the viewer by conveying my own joy and happiness with the bright, juicy colors I apply to the canvas. Art has always allowed my soul to express itself, especially earlier in my life, when at times I felt imprisoned or alone. When I moved to Norway and left my old life in Latvia behind, I realized that I had no need to escape reality anymore, and all these colors started pouring out of me. The open-mindedness and acceptance I discovered in Norwegian culture gave me the confidence to rediscover myself and pursue my dreams. 

Usually I begin a painting by experimenting with what I’m feeling in the moment, working mostly from the imagination in acrylics on canvas. Sometimes I heighten the impact of a piece by incorporating textures to add shadows and depth, or metallic paints for a bit of unexpected shimmer. Flowers have always brought me joy, and I try to capture that in my work. When I look at them, I am overcome by an indescribable, childish happiness, and wonder how such beauty can be growing all around us. I also enjoy exploring those feelings from a more cosmic viewpoint, with psychedelic colors and surreal compositions that conjoin disparate elements, painting an emotional tapestry about a memory or experience. Another passion of mine is creating unique artistic apparel that enfolds the wearer in an artwork, empowering them by embodying their individualism, history, and sense of style. Regardless of the platform I use - a canvas, a jacket, a wall - my ultimate goal is to provoke joy in viewers by sharing my passion for the world in all its complexity and splendor. 

Photo credit: Magda Rose Photography