Eye-catching, purple neon title that says "Biography"

Born in 1998 in Riga, Latvia, Ruta Jansone grew up playing in her grandmother’s lush garden, riding her bike, climbing trees, and exploring nature. Inspired by her mother’s creative handiwork and artistic mindset, she naturally gravitated toward making arts and crafts with whatever materials she found at hand. During her teens, this idyllic life turned bleak, and she discovered a form of escape by immersing herself in creating art and fine-tuning her craft in classes at the Janis Rozentals Riga Art School and private tutorials with local painters. Immediately after graduating high school, she moved to Oslo, Norway, where she now lives and works – when she’s not outdoors gardening, skiing, or scuba diving. This fresh environment and culture awakened in her a newfound sense of freedom, confidence and exuberance that she began expressing through the use of bright colors and vibrant imagery representing the journey of the mind away from pain and toward joy. Drawing from the imagination, she paints euphoric, richly textured floral canvases and collagelike psychedelic dreamscapes that interpret the essence of the natural world and the human spirit. In 2023, she exhibited in several group shows including the Art on Loop - New York exhibition. 

Photo credit:  Dušan / Studio Spektrum