08.23. "Arts to Hearts" Website Interview (link)

07.23. "Arts to Hearts" Magazine Publication & Interview, Issue #3 (link)

06.23. "Artwork Gallery" Magazine Publication & Interview, Issue 3 (link)

05.23. "Artwork Gallery" Artist Interview (link)

05.23. Virtual Catalog, The Artful Collective's "Reclaim Collection", Issue 2


13.10.23. - 15.10.23. Group exhibition, "ART ON LOOP - NEW YORK", 72 Warren St, Tribeca, New York, USA

01.09.23. - 03.09.23. Group exhibition, "Art & Wellbeing",  Vulkan Showcase, Oslo, Norway

05.23. Group exhibition, "Does size matter?", Radisson Red, Oslo, Norway

04.23. Group exhibition, "Art & Glam", Strand Restaurant, Stabekk, Norway

02.23. Group exhibition, "Art & Glam", Via Showcase, Oslo, Norway


11.09.23. - 24.09.23. "ART INNOVATIONS" Installation at Great Portland Street Underground Station, London

27.08.23. Live painting, "KulturUtflukt" festival, Lillo Gård, Oslo, Norway

29.07.23. Live Painting at a Private Festival, Trønsberg, Norway

12.06.23.-18.06.23. Art Basel Week - Art Vending Machine Installation,
Basel, Switzerland

A group of people standing and sitting and watching a speech at an exhibition. There are neon lights and paintings around.
A musician man in a suit playing a trumpet at an female artist "art & glam" exhibition opening.
A group of people standing around in a restaurant observing an art exhibition. There's a chef in the background making appetizers.
A cool man playing a bass guitar in front of a band.
a man playing a guitar with a band in the background. The musician's hand has been bandaged and has a smiley face drawn on it with a marker.
Photo credit:  Helge Øgård Meisal

2020. Represented by Emerging Artist Platform, Handford and Sons, United Kingdom