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An acrylic painting of an astronaut floating with many odd and funny looking fishes underwater in a vibrant, colorful, bright and psychedelic environment. The painting represents nitrogen narcosis during scuba diving.

*white frame is not a part of the painting

Acrylic  on Canvas    I   19 x 19 x 2cm

1990 kr


2023. "Artwork Gallery" Magazine Publication & Interview, Issue 3 (link)
2023. "Artwork Gallery" Online Artist Interview (link)

2023. Group exhibition, "Does size matter?", Radisson Red, Oslo, Norway

2023. Group exhibition, "Art & Glam", Strand Restaurant, Stabekk, Norway

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A vibrant pop-art style acrylic painting of a sad woman. There's a psychedelic tear sliding down on her cheek that visualizes also an aching heart. A clock in the background is ticking out of time.

Time's up

20 x 20 x 2cm

1990 kr

A colorful, acrylic painting of a woman artist (self portrait) where many, separate flying hands are trying to pull a mask with a different face on her head. The scene represents the opinions of other people. Vibrant colors, splashes, drops and a variety of textures were used when creating this painting.


100 x 80 x 3.5 cm

Available for purchase after Oct 2023 Exhibited in New York.

Hawaii pink toned flower composition acrylic painting on a dreamy, light and bright blue background. There's some light, beautiful pollen flying around and the overall feel of the painting is as if it's an early morning and the world still hasn't woken up yet.


15 x 15 x 1.5cm

1480 kr